Our Story

For 60 years...

Our story


It was the father of Manolis Prekas who came up with the idea of opening a restaurant on the beach of Monolithos. He had the experience as an owner of a coffee shop in another spot of the island, so in 1955, when he found the area on the beach of Agia Paraskevi, he moved with his family and started his business there.

Manolis and Anna grew up in this environment, gaining life memories and working experiences from their father. They undertook the restaurant in 2000 and till today, they’ve been running it with success, making Galini one of the best taverns in Santorini island.

Galini Fish Tavern back in 2000
Galini Fish Tavern today

Following tradition

It is not a coincidence that Galini has been in operation all these years. The excellent quality, the huge daily variety, the quick and friendly service, and of course the beautiful sea landscape are the most important reasons why this business is so known and beloved.

The fish tavern is considered by the locals as one of the best on the island and keep visiting it all year round, while there are numerous tourists who urgently ask for directions to reach Galini and enjoy original Greek cuisine.