In its beautiful and recently renovated area, Galini tavern offers daily a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood, selected by local fishermen.

Worth a try...

Choose from the big showcase the one that suits your appetite or trust our staff to propose a delicious dish. Depending on the season and the catch, you will find beetroot, cod, shrimp, squid, lobster and many other sea treasures. It is worth tasting the fine lobster spaghetti. Loyal customers prefer the Seafood Mix with various fish and the “stroggyli” with the traditional local appetizers.

The local products of Santorini are especially honored in the menu of the tavern. Enjoy the famous cherry tomatoes either as sun dried or cooked as tomato balls, according to traditional recipe that passes from mother to daughter. Fava and grilled white eggplant are also delicious and unique flavours that will make you want to come back again and again.


The authentic Greek dishes, such as the mousakas and the stuffed vegetables are not to be missed. Like the variety of grilled meats as well. The menu is rich and will literally satisfy even the most demanding palates.

For a perfect dining closure, the chef prepares desserts of incredible taste. Gianniotiko with ice cream is a real treat you should not be deprived of! As well as the sweet Vinsanto wine we offer you in the end.




In the traditional tavern Galini you will taste the best tomato balls ever, along with the famous fava beans and the roasted white eggplant, all hard to find in other places of Greece.

Cherry tomatoes are characteristic products cultivated in the volcanic island of Santorini, known for their tiny size. Due to the dry local soil, they remain of that specific size, offering, however rich flavor and aroma. You can eat them either sun-dried or in a Greek salad.

 Among the special dishes are also the Fish Mix and the delicious Seafood Spaghetti. Accompany them with local wine varieties or let us suggest you some other labels from Greek wineries.