Galini Tavern is located on the beach of Agia Paraskevi in Monolithos, Santorini. It has been operating there, a few meters from the sea waves, for many decades.

It first opened back in 1955

and since then, it has been offering fresh fish, local delicacies and authentic Greek cuisine. Nowdays, tavern Galini enjoys a great fame and is considered as one of the best dining spots on the volcanic island, not only for the local citizens but also for the numerous tourists of this notorious destination.

In the recently renovated area of the restaurant you will enjoy a wide variety of dishes. What is really worth tasting is the fresh fish and seafood! In fact, you can see them all in a big glass showcase so that you can choose the one you like most. Fagri, barbuna, cod, as well as shrimp and lobster spaghetti are some of the amazing sea flavors you’ll enjoy at Galini.


tavern Galini

You will taste the best tomato balls ever, along with the famous fava beans and the roasted white eggplant, all hard to find in other places of Greece. Cherry tomatoes are characteristic products cultivated in the volcanic island of Santorini, known for their tiny size. Due to the dry local soil, they remain of that specific size, offering, however rich flavor and aroma. You can eat them either sun-dried or in a Greek salad.


Greek dishes

The authentic Greek dishes, such as the mousakas and the stuffed vegetables  are not to be missed. Like the variety of grilled meats as well. The menu is rich and will literally satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Among the special dishes are also the Fish Mix and the delicious Seafood Spaghetti. Accompany them with local wine varieties or let us suggest you some other labels from Greek wineries.

The restaurant has an indoor plus an exterior area, so you can either choose to enjoy your meal in the beautiful indoor room or prefer the tables in the yard, just a few meters from the sea.

Respectful for the gifts of their land and the sea, Manolis and Anna continue the family tradition, offering high quality dining services.